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22nd August 2007

5:12pm: Homeland security has...
...raised my threat level to orange. I kid you not kitten.
Current Mood: orange.
5:31pm: Convent Santo Domingo- Lima, Peru


Alchemists do alchemy here.

Not that this picture is fancy at all or anything.... but... until the 'other' person gives me the 'jesus' that my camera was to big to sneak a forbidden picture, this sneaky picture will have to do. At the end of this corridor at the Convent Santo Domingo is a very large Jesus painting. It hit me as a kind of 'haunted' painting at first, then the guide tells us a story behind it. She explained that the painter was't getting the death-like expression from his model he wanted. Nor the pose. So he did what most artists would do to their models. He killed him with a shovel. Then he stuck the shovel into the model's back to give it that Jesus like pose. God I love you.

They put you in here if you steal bones. (from the Inquisition Museum)
5:36pm: Pork Chop Sandwiches!
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