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Dr. Mangor
17 January
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Through alchemy and esoterrorism I intend to turn the world into a mass of quivering insane jelly.


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I support the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

1920s, 1930s, abandoned buildings, abnormalities, abortions in jars, absinthe, agrophobia, alchemy, amputation, anatomy, animation, anime, arcanum, austin osman spare, autoerotica, automatons, banshee, bats, begotten, biting, bizarre magick, black wyrms, blind squid, blood and bondage, books, brothers quay, cabinet of dr. caligari, carnivorous plants, cellar door, chaos magick, coffins, coil, comic strips, comics, conspiracy, creepy dolls, cthulhu, dame darcy, darkness, david lynch, dead nurses, demons, digital manipulation, disinformation, dollhouses, dr. mangor, drawing, dreads, dying, echo park, edward gorey, esoterica, fetus, flash, french films, frogmen, germany, giant squid, goldfrapp, grand guignol, halloween, harpsichord, haunted houses that bleed, haunting, horror, invader zim, jars, jill tracy, joel-peter witkin, ketamine, kranioclast, left-hand path, legendary pink dots, los angeles, lovecraft, lydia lunch, masquerade, medical, miss kitten, necromantic sex, necrophilia, new orleans, newgrounds, nighmare before christmas, nightmares, nin, ohgr, operations, perversion, philosophy, photography, piercings, pin up, pirates, placebo, poisoning, pornography, pumpkin pie, rain, roadkill, sacrifice, satan, scalpels, scarification, science, sculpture, seance, self mutilation, serial killers, sex clowns, sex magic, sharp objects, shooting, silence, silverlake, skeleton keys, skinny puppy, snuff films, sodomy, speculums, spiderwebs, spinal columns, spooky fingerprints, squid, squirmboy, steam punk, stitches, stop motion, suicidal suzi, suicide art, suicide photography, surgery, surreal, sven, tarot, tattoos, taxidermy, tea parties, tentacles, terrorists, vampire, victorian, videodrome, vincent price, violin, voodoo, whisky, white lady, witch doctors, witches

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